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Health Tips

  1. Regular swimming tones your entire body and provides good cardio-vascular work out. Swim at least 30 minutes to see maximum effects.
  2. Take 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables daily.
  3. Eat cheese, green leafy vegetables, low-fat yoghurt for rich calcium intake required by your body.
  4. Stand, walk and stretch for at least 2 minutes after an hour of sitting on your chair. Prolonged sitting is no good for your back bone.
  5. A balanced diet coupled with a regular exercise is the best way to reduce excess body fat and maintain a healthy weight.
  6. Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause skin cancer. If you can’t avoid it, wear protective clothing or use a sun-block of at 15 SPF.
  7. Do not hurry through your meals as it will cause indigestion. Enjoy your food and take your time to finish it.
  8. Select shoes that fit you well, else it may affect your posture and cause back pain with other spinal problems.
  9. Good relationships with family, friends and colleagues will help you stay happy and healthy.
  10. Wetting your hands is not enough to clean your hands thoroughly. Apply soap and clean all surfaces including nails, nails beds and the areas between your fingers. Dry thoroughly with dryer or paper towel.
  11. Reduce intake of sodium as it increases your risk of hyper-tension. Eat fresh foods instead of processed foods, salted or preserved foods. Avoid adding extra salt or light soya sauce to your food.
  12. Adopt a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This will lower your overall cancer risk.
  13. Moving your limbs regularly will de-stress you. Make an effort to avoid taking the bus or car for short distance. Try walking instead.
  14. A diet should be varied, balanced and in moderation. Healthy eating!

Above for reference only. It is not to be taken as medical advice.
All statements have NOT been evaluated by the Government and Authority. Please consult your physician for advice that is best for you.


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