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Singapore Gift Ideas, Singapore Corporate Gift Company
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Singapore Gift Ideas, Singapore Corporate Gift Company Ways to Feel Great


About LaDeeDa

Ladeeda is a Singapore incorporated "Gift Ideas" Company.

Our primary aim is to provide a CHOICE for companies / individuals who are looking for gifts that provide a lasting positive impressions. We provide corporate, personal and custom-made gifts.

Smiling is one of the most powerful gift we can give to anyone. With this ‘SMILE’ understanding, we are inspired to provide gifts that will liven up your day and creating a positive impression for your customers / friends.

How can LaDeeda benefit you as a corporate client?
We provide you with a wide range of products. We also give you tailored made gift proposals to suit your special needs.

How can LaDeeda benefit you as an individual?
Regardless of your order quantity, we will try our best to get you the product in our range for you.

Ladeeda assists busy people from the hassles of selecting gifts for the various festivities, activities & occasions.

Many times, we are either tasked or sought for help by our colleagues & loved ones to go on a shopping spree to select gifts for someone or a group. That’s where all the headaches begins……stratching our head……….what kind of gift should I buy so that it would create an ‘Impression’ on the person. Well, this is actually the toughest part of the gift selection process. Constantly, we have to tell our self to cast away our personal interests & likings while selecting the type of gift for the various occasions.

The gift selected must be well like by the majority and most important of all……CREATE A LASTING IMPRESSION for the occasion.

With this in mind, LaDeeDa's MOTTO is :

"Gifts for creating IMPRESSION"

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